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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the Puget Sound Area. 2021-style.

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It was at about this time in 2021 things REALLY started to shut down due to COVID-19. Right about the same time I published the original post here about St. Patrick's Day events, which were then all canceled .

But I'm re-publishing this post now that I have a better handle on this events calendar. Events for St. Patrick's Day in Seattle in 2021 are sparse -- and with good reason. But there are a few online events or running events I'm finding that are happening this year. I'd encourage you to stay home and drink the green beer with your spouse instead of attending an event in which it's difficult to keep a distance from others. COVID-19 cases are coming down, but that's likely due to being that we're now past the post-holiday cases and more people are following distancing measures.

So, here are the few events we have so far. It will get updated when we, or any of our organizers, add events to our calendar.

Wear green and stay safe! And, as always, if you have an event to add to this list, you can do it here.

List of Puget Sound and Seattle St. Patrick's Day 2021 Events

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