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[Sticky] Do you "dofollow" links in guest posts on your website?


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I would like to write on your website, but I'm wondering if you'll "dofollow" links on your website?

1 Answer
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I am posting this question myself as I field a significant number of emails asking about do-follow links, even though I've already addressed them on the post submissions page.

I enjoy receiving and publishing guest posts and understand that you are looking to promote your website if you're asking this question. Guest posting is an excellent endeavor to engage in to build your website rank.

However, as you probably know, search engines like Google may penalize websites that use tactics to create "link juice" to a website artificially. Therefore, I'm concerned about this website following best practices when it comes to linking. 

My attitude towards do-following links is that if a link directly relates to the post content: if it supports the topic somehow and isn't purely promotional, I'll follow it. Usually, this does NOT apply to homepage links, and I NEVER follow paid links. Links in sponsored posts or affiliate links get the rel="nofollow sponsored" designation.

We will generally allow one do-follow link to your website on your user profile.

To clarify:

  • Suppose you want to link to your homepage, in general, no -- we won't follow that. Suppose you are writing about bike trails in the Olympic Peninsula. In your post, you add a link to your homepage saying, "check out this page for great mountain bikes." We're not going to follow that link. We'll likely remove it as it's also clearly promotional, and we'll suggest a sponsored post. However, if you want to link to an article --from either your website or another -- that is, for instance, an essay about one of the trails you mention in your post, we'd likely follow that link.
  • If your post is promotional, if it's promoting a product or a company, if we receive compensation for it in any way, it gets the "sponsored" designation.
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