When I started this blog (and a very slow start it was), I went with a blue and green color scheme to be sort of a combination of outdoorsy and Seahakws-y. But then it started to look too dark to me, and I added in some berry accents.

But I was never sure I was entirely pleased with that color scheme and I ended up with a kind of piecemeal color scheme for this site.

This was originally a post with a survey about opinions of colors for this blog — the demo photos are below.

However, I’ve decided to end the survey now and get on with recolorizing. I just recently had a shoulder injury and I’m a two-handed typist, but working on blog colors is something I can do one-handed, while I hopefully recover quickly so I can get back on the bike!

FYI — I went with the bright theme with oranges and teals. Prepare for some serious color mismatch while I work on it a bit at a time so I can get back to exploring and writing posts!

Here are the photos: