Cheryl Dimof

Cheryl Dimof

Coffee Drinker. Introvert. Sometimes freelance writer, blogger, web designer. Human being.

Cheryl was born and raised in Seattle, but now lives in the charming little Norwegian-esque town of Poulsbo, WA a short ferry ride from Seattle with her husband, one of her two young adult daughters, a Siamese cat, and a mutt.

She likes doing too many things to list here but, instead, currently spends much of her time blogging and drinking coffee.

She usually doesn’t write about herself in third person.


Welcome to my personal page on this site. Here’s a little bit more about me, along with some portfolio links to things I’ve written elsewhere and to all the posts I’ve written here at PNW and Beyond.

Here are a couple of my published pieces:

Here are a couple of websites I’ve made:

My Blog Posts.

I have less time than ideas! In some ways, not a bad place to be.

It may not be reflected on this site yet, but I’m trying to come up with a variety of subjects and post types related to the main topics of this blog. But I’ve been known to go off-topic!

I do love to write personal essays, and I love to blog and write about places, activities, how-to…but I can write about other topics. I have a background as an Occupational Therapist and can write about issues associated with caregiving, the aging population, and aging in place. I also love travel writing and can write about health and fitness.

I am currently working on another blog which is kind of a tongue-in-cheek series of WordPress tutorials. I’m interested in guest blogging on subjects that I cover, but as far as digital marketing articles…I’m really not interested in churning out a mass of daily short posts for another website.

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