Cheryl Dimof

Cheryl Dimof

Chief Blogeuse at Pacific Northwest & Beyond

Cheryl was born and raised in Seattle, but now lives in the charming little Norwegian-esque town of Poulsbo, WA a short ferry ride from Seattle with her husband, one of her two young adult daughters, a Siamese cat, and a mutt.

She likes doing too many things to list here but, instead, currently spends much of her time blogging and drinking coffee.

She usually doesn’t write about herself in third person.

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Brief Bio

Writing about onesself is difficult. But as I write that, I realize that it’s a kind of lie. This bio started becoming excessively long. But if you want to know about my history family position, personality type, that’s for a different essay.

So just the basics: I grew up in Seattle, worked as an Occupational Therapist for many years with breaks being a stay-at-home mom. Writing was my forte in college, but I chose a non-writing career based on advice from well-meaning people who were concerned about my ability to support myself as a writer. What would have happened had I chose differently? Who knows? I’ve come to realize it’s useless looking back at such things.

But when I quit my job for family reasons, it had the side effect of allowing me more time to write and travel; but I’m not going nomad for plenty of reasons. I wrote an anonymous blog years ago (that one failed due to return to full time work and the blog getting hacked not for lack of readership) and found it satisfying. And already had a little travel/local blog sitting there with about TWO posts, so after several false starts and name changes, you’re seeing the (ongoing) results here.

If you’re interested in reading stuff I actually published or web sites I’ve made for others, here’s my illustrious portfolio! Except for one short piece, my published articles were years ago during periods when I was not at full-time work and during periods of inner exploration. I used to write a Buddhist/Meditation blog and wish I still had the many essays I had posted there.

I’m also working on another blog, about blogging, which isn’t listed here, and am revamping one of the sites listed here that I made years ago — which needs some serious work!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish it and link to the results here at some point.

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