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Cemeteries I’ve Visited: An Album




Do you like to visit cemeteries? This post is a work-in-progress photo album of cemeteries I've visited.

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I’ll confess, I like visiting cemeteries. So far, this album of cemetery photos doesn’t really constitute that many of the world’s fascinating cemeteries, but for some reason I entered this album as a post and don’t want to delete it now.

The first second includes the main collection of galleries, but you can also jump below that to sort through any images that are in the album by their tag.

When I travel, and sometimes when I’m closer to home, I like to visit cemeteries? Does this make me morbid, as some people have suggested?

A person who likes to visit cemeteries is called a taphophile — and being one doesn’t mean you’re (necessarily) strange. Cemeteries are peaceful, often historic, filled with symbolism — there’s a lot to like about cemeteries. And, if visiting is a meditation on death, I think that’s healthy. Some Buddhist sects have practiced meditation in cemeteries or charnel grounds for stark awareness that life is fleeting and impermanent.

I first became interested in cemeteries as a kid when, for a camp project, we went to a nearby cemetery and did gravestone rubbings. One of the things that especially interests me about old tombstones in the symbolism.

Spotted in some of the photos I’ve already added here: doves, roses, the Eye of Horus, Masonic symbol, hourglasses and winged hourglasses, skulls and skull and crossbones (of course), angels. I enjoyed some of the larger monuments at Highgate that depicted the pets of the deceased.

Feel free to share one of your own favorite tombstone photos or epitaphs in the comment section below.

I had to redo the albums here as I changed gallery formats. I still have a few more cemeteries to add and this definitely doesn’t represent every cemetery I’ve ever visited — just memorable ones where I also had a camera! Clicking on the image will open the gallery (note that the page will reload) and then clicking on an individual image in the gallery will open the image larger so you can view the captions and scroll through all of the images in the gallery.

Cemetery Galleries

Cemetery Photos by Tag

The gallery below shows 10 photos at a time of cemetery photos that are in albums here. However, you can load more by clicking the button. You can click the tags below the photos to filter the photos. The tags are filtered by AND. For instance, if you click Highgate and then you click Paris, you will get 0 results!

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Cemeteries I’ve Visited: An Album

Do you like to visit cemeteries? This post is a work-in-progress photo album of cemeteries I've visited.

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