Cemeteries I’ve Visited: An Album

Do you like to visit cemeteries? This post is a work-in-progress photo album of cemeteries I've visited.

Tombstone Vector Images Cemetery Photography

 I promised myself that this month I would publish some galleries of cemetery photography…I have to do something with all those photos.

This post is a work-in-progress. I’m publishing now to meet my goal of getting it out before Halloween, after which I go into holiday mode. But I still have some edits to do on the individual galleries.

And I’ve visited more cemeteries than this — interestingly, ones close to me aren’t here; I have photos that I couldn’t find so my photos of the cemeteries in Poulsbo, Port Townsend and the like aren’t here yet. They’ll come eventually. This post will also, eventually, include a map with clickable links.

But for now, taphophile, enjoy!

When I travel, and sometimes when I’m closer to home, I like to visit cemeteries? Does this make me morbid, as some people have suggested?

A person who likes to visit cemeteries is called a taphophile — and being one doesn’t mean you’re (necessarily) strange. Cemeteries are peaceful, often historic, filled with symbolism — there’s a lot to like about cemeteries. And, if visiting is a meditation on death, I think that’s healthy. Some Buddhist sects have practiced meditation in cemeteries or charnel grounds for stark awareness that life is fleeting and impermanent.

Here are some cemeteries I’ve visited so far. Clicking an image will take you to the page with that gallery .

If you’ve come across this album on its own, without the post, you can also access this album from this post instead!

Here are some cemeteries I’ve visited so far. Clicking an image will take you to the page with that gallery .


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