North Coast 500 Series

In 2018, we went on an adventurous drive around (much of) the North Coast 500 — a route around the Scottish highlands. I’m (slowly) putting together a series of posts about the experience with some of the best things to do and see on the way.

Below you’ll find a map I plan to complete as I write the posts. Right now it has on it the stops that used to be on their now-defunct passport program tourist scheme. I didn’t get my “passport” nor did I go to every locale on that list — but I did a bunch of other amazing things. Still, stop at those places, and you’ll know you really went around the NC-500!

My post series, though will start NOT in the highlands, but in Edinburgh (air fare deal) and wind our way up to the highlands.

Castle Varrich

Exploring the North Coast 500 Part One: Planning Your Adventure 0 (0)

This is the first in what will be a long series of posts about Scotland’s North Coast 500 — an epic and memorable road trip (though I’d better write about it before I forget about it!) This post consists of an introduction and some tips and resources for trip planning. Future posts will comprise stops along the route and some other places in Scotland.

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A Suggested Playlist for Your NC-500 Adventures

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