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Wandering Mind: Personal, Off-Topic, and Blog Updates

The last time I went off-topic, I wrote this:

What is Your Carrot?

An essay about motivation. I overheard one shopkeeper come out and ask another “What is your carrot to get you though the day?…” I thought it was an interesting question, and led me to ruminate on carrots, sticks, and how it would be nice to not need either.

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Sometimes when my mind wanders, I post on Instagram:


Here's some other off-topic stuff I've written lately:

Westeros and Beyond: Game of Thrones Food, Fashion, and 10 Souvenirs You SIMPLY MUST Take Home From Your Westeros Adventures

I missed my opportunity for an April Fool's post because I was traveling in Westeros (OK, kidding, I was in Japan). So in heavy anticipation of the final season of Game of Thrones here's my Westeros "travel blog" post. You won't really find too much here about the Seven Kingdoms, but you will find some links to sites with good Game of Thrones recipes and cocktails for your premiere or finale party and ten Seven Kingdoms souvenirs you "SIMPLY MUST" have.

Feet Not Wandering = Mind Wandering

Sometimes when my body can’t wander, my mind does. You’ve reached one of the pages devoted to being a repository of random thoughts, miscellaneous musings, or blog updates. Things that may not necessarily belong in the main stream of the blog, but creep in here nevertheless.


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