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Pyramid Brewing Winter Beers

We love Pyramid’s Seattle Alehouse and are excited to attend their annual Keg Tree lighting, where they light up one of the largest keg trees of its kind for the holidays. So we were excited to test their seasonal beers: Snow Cap Winter Ale and Blazing Bright Juicy IPA. Here are my “beer lovers'” reviews.

Making Mexican Sugar Skulls for Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican celebration to honor and remember departed loved ones. Colorful sugar skulls are a common part of the occasion. Here’s how to make these colorful skulls (note: this is a craft recipe; you probably don’t want to eat these.)

Instant Pot Clams Bordelaise

This recipe was inspired by many things: digging clams in the Pacific Northwest and a recipe from the Frugal Gourmet cookbook, the mussels I ate in a restaurant on Loch Linnhe in Scotland (I haven’t quite approached their amazingness), French Clams Bordelaise. Fortunately steaming shellfish with wine is easy; it’s now made even easier by the Instant Pot!

The Search for Taiyaki in Seattle

I learned about the Japanese fish-shaped waffles from my daughter who loves Japanese sweets. But when our go-to Seattle taiyaki place disappeared, a search ensued to find out where to get the best taiyaki in Seattle.

Seattle Mother’s Day Events and Actvities: Where to Take Mom This Year for Mother’s Day in the Puget Sound Area

Seattle Mother’s Day Events and Actvities: Where to Take Mom This Year for Mother’s Day in the Puget Sound Area

Brunch or high tea is a GREAT way to celebrate Mother’s Day. But if Mom is more of a fitness buff, or would rather do wine and cheese vs. tea there are plenty of other things to do for Mother’s Day in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area.

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J’Adore les Baguettes: Easy Crusty Rustic Bread Recipe

J’Adore les Baguettes: Easy Crusty Rustic Bread Recipe

If you’re stuck at home, but you have flour and yeast in your cupboard, have a baking stone and an oven, this is a very easy method for making crusty rustic loaves…or pizza dough…in your home oven.

Here’s the rest of the (prior) excerpt:

Who doesn’t love a crusty baguette? This is the first of some recipes inspired by places I’ve been — this one I’m relocating from another site I have that I don’t plan to keep up — so why not start posting some (at least loosely) travel-related recipes? While these may not be exactly like the ones you’d get in la boulangerie, they are good and super-easy to make.

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Pyramid Brewing Winter Beers