Author: Cheryl Dimof

Westeros and Beyond: Game of Thrones Food, Fashion, and 10 Souvenirs You SIMPLY MUST Take Home From Your Westeros Adventures

I missed my opportunity for an April Fool’s post because I was traveling in Westeros (OK, kidding, I was in Japan). So in heavy anticipation of the final season of Game of Thrones here’s my Westeros “travel blog” post. You won’t really find too much here about the Seven Kingdoms, but you will find some links to sites with good Game of Thrones recipes and cocktails for your premiere or finale party and ten Seven Kingdoms souvenirs you “SIMPLY MUST” have.

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J’Adore les Baguettes

Who doesn’t love a crusty baguette? This is the first of some recipes inspired by places I’ve been — this one I’m relocating from another site I have that I don’t plan to keep up — so why not start posting some (at least loosely) travel-related recipes? While these may not be exactly like the ones you’d get in la boulangerie, they are good and super-easy to make.

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The Magic of York, UK: Snickelways, Shambles, and Beaucoup History

Why York? York is an interesting walled medieval city. It’s cathedral is magnificent and has whimsical stone heads that inspired an early chapter in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It’s old medieval street, The Shambles, was said to have inspired Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, and it has lots of snickelways — alleys between buildings that you can use to navigate around the city. What’s not to love? This is a guide to places see and things to do in York and a list of related resources (including fiction set in York).

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Near-City Escapes: Waterfront Hideaways Near Seattle

If you’re a city dweller who needs a brief escape but doesn’t have the time for an extended getaway, it’s possible to find little waterfront hideaways near Seattle that can allow you to get away from it all without getting too far away from it all. We stayed at this small cabin on Meydenbauer Bay in Medina (graciously loaned to us for an overnight). Read on about this cabin as well as some other near-city hideaways to add to my escape list from cabins to houseboats.

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