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Ending and Beginnings

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This is just a quick "blog news" post about what's upcoming in 2023. I hope to post more updates in this spot in the future.

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It feels like we’re rushing toward the end of the year. But I’m looking forward to new beginnings.

2022 was sort of a blur. I worked on my relatively new Etsy shop, fell in love with bird photography. My oldest daughter got married and, unfortunately, her immediate family (us) fell ill with COVID the night before her wedding. We had been so careful to do all the right things during the pandemic, and I felt so sad and frustrated that it caught up with us when it did. I was prepared that, possibly, at a large event like a wedding, I would, finally, catch it. I just wasn’t prepared that I would be the one missing the festivies.

But time rushes on…

I’ve spent 2022 trying a bunch of things, deciding what I want to do going forward. Making things, getting rid of and then restarting the events calendar here. Wandering around taking photos of birds…

I’m spending the rest of the year trying to clean up shop — both in terms of this blog, my life, and my little shop.

In 2022, what I’m hoping and planning to do here is add more local hiking and cycling routes, get back to writing a few posts about driving around Scotland, continue the events calendar and add a bunch more events, add a some wall art and a few more pins to the shop here, and get out and do a bunch of photography! More than anything, I like being on the road, when I can. The happiest days I’ve spent this year were camping solo on a bluff on Orcas Island, sitting on a whale watching trip while the sea spray hits me in the face, and just being on my bike.

You can expect to find more blog news in this spot in the future.

Thanks for visiting!

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