Frequently Asked Questions

These are some questions that are at least similar to one’s I’ve already been asked. Please use the toggle to read the response. If you have a question, scroll down and use the form below.

I have some content for you. Do you accept guest posts on your site?

For more information about submitting content here visit the Write for Us page.

I am very open to guest posts related to travel, the PNW, gear, recipes with some sort of travel or PNW connection, etc. 

I cannot currently pay for content. You will be author of the post with a link to your website.

Do I accept sponsored content? I will consider it on a per-post basis. I currently do not accept paid dofollow links or links to online gaming/gambling sites or adult content sites.

Can you help me get in touch with and/or hire the organizers of a specific event?

Many of the items on the calendar on this site are chosen from calendars around the area or submitted to me. I do not sponsor the events and am not affiliated with the organizers. Most listings, if you click on them, will have the organizer information available so you can contact them directly.

If I have the time, though, I will try to be as helpful in possible in locating contact information if I can.

Can I use a photo from your website?

If you are interested in using a photo from this website, please ask for permission using the form below.

Many of the images here are my own; particularly the ones in posts. However, I also fill in the gaps using free images from sites like Pexels when I don’t have a photo for an event listing, and some paid images and vectors.

So, I generally will give permission to use my own images with attribution and a link back to this site but wouldn’t want to be attributed for an image that wasn’t my own.

I would like to help you increase your (page speed...length of time viewers stay on your page...etc)

Thank you for your concern, but I’m not interested in hiring you at this time to put me on “the first page of Google.”

I’m having fun working on writing posts, redesigning things and while (obviously if I’m posting stuff on the internet) I have interest in people reading my posts, I am likely aware of the issues you are attempting to call to my attention.

In the meantime, don’t inform me that I need “quality content” while your unsolicited letters to me are incorrectly punctuated and poorly worded. In fact, would you like to hire me to proofread your content before you send it to people?

How do I put an event on your event calendar?

To add your own event to the calendar, click here to visit this page.

Keep in mind that the calendar is strictly for PNW events…in this case events from Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and BC, too.

Right now the calendar has a focus around the Puget Sound area as that’s my stomping grounds, but I’ll accept (appropriate) events from elsewhere.

Currently featured events are ones I’ve hand-picked. I would be willing to consider sponsored events at some point as this site grows, but they would be labeled clearly as such.

If you want to ask a question…

Just use the form below. Just, please, don’t use it to spam me.
Spammers may be fed to the Kraken who I suspect lives in our backyard detention pond!

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