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This is Cheryl’s personal author page with links to her posts on this site, web design and freelance writing portfolio, and other updates.

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Web Design

I do a part-time web design business, preferring to work with local businesses and organizations who need an online presence or a small e-commerce site.

Pacific Northwest and Beyond features a travel blog, a Pacific Northwest blog, travel-inspired recipes, and, eventually posts about foreign language study resources and photography. We also have a small, but growing Pacific Northwest event calendar.

I also offer some small-business web-design services in the Puget Sound area and do a bit of freelance writing. What I enjoy most is exploring more around my home in the Pacific Northwest and traveling and writing about it on this blog. This site is a continual work-in-progress; we’re busy editing design as we add additional content.

It’s my hope to continue to grow this site, with the goal of adding at least one new post a week, varying between types of content.

You’re invited to contribute by submitting writing, rating or commenting on posts, adding local events, or submitting recipes.


Cheryl Dimof

Cheryl Dimof

Author, Webmaster, and Chief Blogeuse

Boldly Going…Somewhere

I used to drive a boxy blue electric car I lovingly called “The Tardis,” and had a license plate reading “Boldly Going Nowhere” due to the boundaries set by driving such a car.

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to live — water, trees, mountains, a good climate (despite the wintertime drizzle) and there’s plenty to do, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. But, let’s face it, it’s fun to go adventuring beyond the bounds of home. And if it can’t be the known universe, there’s a lot to explore on this planet — whether it be the Olympic Peninsula or temples in Japan.

Express Yourself!

Express Yourself!


Your photo could be here !

B ut then, I’d have to replace this adorable dog wearing a unicorn hoodie!

But, really! Do you love the PNW, or traveling, or photography, and want to write a post somehow related to the content on this blog?

If you are interested in writing something for Pacific Northwest and Beyond, I am interested in listening — if it relates to the primary themes of this blog — the Pacific Northwest, travel, travel-inspired recipes, photography, etc.

Recent explorations

Here are the latest freshly blogged posts (from all categories, including off-topic):

Kayaking Obstruction Island

Obstruction Island just off the southeast part of Orcas Island is a good place for beginner-intermediate kayakers to paddle without being carried away by currents. Here’s more about this satisfying island circumnavigation paddle.

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What is Your Carrot?

An essay about motivation. I overheard one shopkeeper come out and ask another “What is your carrot to get you though the day?…” I thought it was an interesting question, and led me to ruminate on carrots, sticks, and how it would be nice to not need either.

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Going Ghibli: Visiting the Ghibli Museum

Visiting the whimsical Ghibli Museum is a must-do in Tokyo if you’re a fan of the animation of Hayao Miyazaki. But getting tickets can be a bit challenging and confusing for foreign visitors. Here’s what you need to know about the museum, including getting tickets and getting there.

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