Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have some content for you. Do you accept guest posts on your site?

I more than welcome submissions for posts that meet with subjects that fit in with the subject of this site that is, the Pacific Northwest, travel abroad, photography, or foreign language study related to travel. Of particular interest would be travel content written by people from the PNW.

As I’m really just getting rolling with this blog, I do not have the budget to offer you payment for articles (unless I see something really exceptional, but then…I question why you would want to post that here unless I know you and you, somehow, want to help). You would get credit as author of the article.

I am not interested in content that is purley marketing or a bunch of affiliate links and, be warned, I am picky. I reserve the right to edit your piece (I would ask you about changes, of course).

If you do want to submit something, please contact me using the form below.

Thank you.

Can you help me get in touch with and/or hire the organizers of a specific event?

Many of the items on the calendar on this site are chosen from calendars around the area or submitted to me. I do not sponsor the events and am not affiliated with the organizers. Most listings, if you click on them, will have the organizer information available so you can contact them directly.

If I have the time, though, I will try to be as helpful in possible in locating contact information if I can.

Can I use a photo from your website?

Permission for most photos on this site is with attribution: that is, I ask that you give credit and a link back here (if you’re posting it on a web page)

But please contact me using the form below before you use the photo and let me know how you’d like to use it. I also ask this because just a few photos here (mostly when I needed a header for a page in a hurry and couldn’t find something I liked yet in my own collection) are from Pexels (like the one in the header on this page) and I wouldn’t want you to attribute those to me.

At some point, however, if I ever get to the point where I decide to start selling photos (probably not, but who knows…) they will be separate and it will be obvious which ones those are.

I would like to help you increase your (page speed...length of time viewers stay on your page...etc)

Thank you for your concern, but I’m not interested in hiring you at this time.

I’m having fun working on writing posts, redesigning things and while (obviously if I’m posting stuff on the internet) I have interest in people reading my posts I am aware the issues you’ll probably tell me about.  Let me write. If I am ever interested in your services, I will get hold of you.

How do I put an event on your event calendar?

To add your own event to the calendar, click here to visit this page.

Keep in mind that the calendar is strictly for PNW events…in this case events from Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, and BC, too.

Right now the calendar has a focus around the Puget Sound area as that’s my stomping grounds, but I’ll accept (appropriate) events from elsewhere.

Currently featured events are ones I’ve hand-picked. I would be willing to consider sponsored events at some point as this site grows, but they would be labeled clearly as such.

If you want to ask a question…

Just use the form below. Just, please, don’t use it to spam me.
Spammers may be fed to the Kraken who I suspect lives in our backyard detention pond!

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