Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept guest posts or guest bloggers on your site?

Currently, no, until I’ve written more of my own content as this is chiefly a personal travel blog…

But that may change in the future. I have many things of which to write and I plan to start posting more in 2019. 

When and if I do start accepting guest posts I will definitely link back to your site — but I am selective and choosy about the writing I would accept.

Can you help me get in touch with and/or hire the organizers of a specific event?

Many of the items on the calendar on this site are chosen from calendars around the area or submitted to me. I do not sponsor the events and am not affiliated with the organizers. Most listings, if you click on them, will have the organizer information available so you can contact them directly.

If I have the time, though, I will try to be as helpful in possible in locating contact information if I can.

Can I use a photo or article from your site?

If you’d like to use a photo from this site, please contact me using the form below and let me know how you’d like to use the photo.

I have granted permission to use photos (and usually do) but it depends on the purpose and I do ask for credit for the photo (if it’s mine — most of the images on the site are my own, a few are from Pexels and for those I can only refer you there as they are a great source of free images).

Articles are a different matter. I would likely grant permission if the article remains unedited or if I can approve editorial changes AND if I get credit and a link back to this site AND if I like the site it’s being posted on.

Nobody has actually asked me for permission to use articles from this site — but I add this because I did write a blog years ago and found a couple of my articles suddenly appearing elsewhere. At the time, that was OK with me — I was blogging for fun, I liked the site that reposted it, and they credited my site with the article. But now, I want to be asked.

However, you are ALWAYS welcome to share stuff I post here. There are numerous sharing buttons…you can Pin it, Reblog it (to Tumblr), Tweet it…

If you want to ask a question…

Just use the form below. Just, please, don’t use it to spam me.
Spammers may be fed to the Kraken who I suspect lives in our backyard detention pond!

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