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Boldly going...somewhere

At the time I’m writing this, I am driving a boxy blue electric car with two license plate frames: one that declares it a Tardis, but the other that opposes it: “Boldly Going Nowhere.” But I want to go…everywhere.

My story (in a nutshell)

I’m a late bloomer traveler — when I was younger, I wanted to see the world, but between self-image, family, and money I didn’t think it was something I could accomplish. But time makes you bolder — I have found I can travel, CAN do it cheaper than I thought, and love to travel alone, though I have family who usually accompany me.

I’ve spent most of my career as an Occupational Therapist, but family situations led me to quit my full time job and I was in a fortunate position to be able to do so — this freed up more time to travel, and travel I did…

But what I found was that travel also gave me a new appreciation for my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest US.

I set out to write a travel blog and waffled around for much of the year with names, themes, designs until I finally found what this blog wanted to be — a blog about both my familiar terrain and about my travels.

I have a bad case of wanderlust, even if it’s wandering around the Olympic Peninsula…but unexpected changes in my daughter’s school plans have kept me close to home for much of this school year…but I plan to get back to writing (and wandering) in 2019.

more About Me

When I was younger, blogging wasn’t even a “thing.” One of my dreams was to be a writer — but instead I became convinced to go into something with more certain job prospects. But I was never happy working full time in skilled nursing facilties, though I love elderly people in general (and am on my way to becoming one myself).

Over the years, though I’ve played around with WordPress much, sent a number of blogs off to the graveyard of lost blogs, including one that was actually working…but I found I loved blogging, and now I have more time for it.

I’ve also taken on some paid web design as well, and while I don’t need to make a huge income, it’s my hope that I can take on a few web design projects and some freelance writing that will support and justify my blogging habits.

I live in “Little Norway” (Uff Da) Poulsbo, WA with my husband, one of two daughters (the other is truly adulting, now), a mutt and a Siamese cat. When I’m not being a chauffeur, taking care of household stuff, or blogging, I also enjoy photography, kayaking, studying French, reading, and am hoping to get back in shape for cycling and hiking this summer.

I also write another blog, Mistress of the Obvious, and am working on a portfolio site.

this site…

…is a Local Blog

I intend to write about the places I know and love around the Northwest and explore that places I don’t know, from trails, to coffee shops, to activities.

…is a Travel Blog

I can’t boast having visited 50 countries or continuous travel, but I love to wander, and I love to write. I’ll share my adventures as well as tips, products, apps or anything else I think you might find useful in your adventures.

is a calendar

I’m keeping up a small calendar of events for local events and activities


Recent explorations

Here are some things I’ve explored (and written about) recently:

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