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Boldly going...somewhere

The license plate frame of the boxy, blue electric car (recently traded in for a Subaru, the default car of the PNW) that I referred to as “The Tardis” read “Boldly Going Nowhere.” But, after a lifetime of putting off travel…I want to go EVERYWHERE.

But, like most of the population, I have a budget,  I have responsibilities, and I like home, too, so I choose not to go nomad.

At least for now. At this point the role model for my future is an 80 year old friend of the family who used to travel around everywhere in an old VW van. That’s who I want to grow up to be.

Luckily, I live in the beautiful PNW, near Seattle,  in the little Norwegian-esque town of Poulsbo, WA.  It’s a great place for outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, kayaking…

So, although I strive to travel abroad as much as I can, when I’m home I have plenty of places to explore right here, in my own backyard.

And I am writing about BOTH!

A Few Fun Facts

They (the ubiquitous they) say you should write a few fun facts about yourself on your blog…so here are a few potenitially interesting things:

  • I got to be “May Queen” in 1994 at the Camlann Medieval May Fair. This would be the closest I ever came to winning a beauty contest. I never wanted to win a beauty contest, dislike them,  and never entered one. But, somehow, the merchants thought I looked “most like spring” and I got to lead the maypole dance at get the “upper crust” at the feast table. I no longer look like spring.
  • I like to ride a Vespa…but I’m a fair-weather rider.
  • I think one of the most fun things I’ve ever done is the summer I did triathlons with the Kitsap TriBabes. I never thought I would even want to do a triathlon, but it was well worth it! I think my triathlon days may be past, but I’m trying to get back into cycling fitness as that was my favorite activity.
  • I like to write, but I’ve spent most of my career between being a mom and being an Occupational Therapist. I’ve had a few published articles here and there but haven’t been diligent enough about sending out queries.
  • I live with my husband, one of two young adult daughters, and Siamese cat and a mutt. One of my daughters is out of college and on her own now and will likely travel more than I ever do. The other one is finishing school and doesn’t like to travel (unless it’s to Japan, anime conventions, or amusement parks).
  • At the top of my travel bucket list? Oh…that changes from time to time. Our next trip planned is to Japan but I think the Galapagos Islands may be at the top of my travel bucket list. I’m working on learning French, so I’d like to go back to France and this time do some cycling in the Loire valley or visit Provence. My favorite place to go in the Pacific Northwest might be to Orcas Island… or Port Townsend…or the Olympic National Park…or…

About Pacific Northwest and Beyond

This website is currently in its infancy….but what it wants to be is a website with some helpful travel articles and a lot of articles about the Pacific Northwest. I also am trying to develop my skills as a photographer, as I get the time, and I may write some posts about photography as well as some posts about foreign language study as I think both are related to travel…at least they are for me.

What this means is that there may be articles on subjects as diverse as visiting PNW treehouses, Seattle nostalgia, glamping, stomping around Stonehenge, how to use aperature on your camera, what the best free French resources are online… It depends, mostly, on what I have the opportunity to do, what interests me at the moment, and what seems to interest people who are reading this blog.

In addition, I have a small, but growing event calendar here. I like to keep up on local events in my area. I wish I could attend more of them than I can, but sometimes I choose to feature events that I think would be good picks.

Recent explorations

Here are some things I’ve explored (and written about) recently:

Going Ghibli: Visiting the Ghibli Museum

Visiting the whimsical Ghibli Museum is a must-do in Tokyo if you’re a fan of the animation of Hayao Miyazaki. But getting tickets can be a bit challenging and confusing for foreign visitors. Here’s what you need to know about the museum, including getting tickets and getting there.

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The Magic of MinaLima

Budding wizards (or muggle Harry Potter fans) probably already know about this London gallery. But if not, read on. MinaLima designed all the graphics for the Wizarding World of JK Rowling films. The gallery is an amazing collection of art, and Harry Potter ephemera.

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