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About the PNW & Beyond Shop

Thanks for wanting to read more about our little online shop.

Here’s my story:

Amid the pandemic, I lost my motivation, for a while, to write my travel and PNW posts. But I did vent some of my quarantine frustrations by making things.

What I intend, in this shop, is to offer some handmade PNW and travel-themed items: patches, decals, mugs, sewn items, bags, etc. And add to that some hand-picked items with a PNW, travel, or outdoor theme from sellers elsewhere.

The shop, here, serves a dual purpose: a fun project and a way to make some additional funds to support my blogging habits. However, I don’t intend to grow this shop too large or too fast.

Adding content to this, and to my other, blog is my main priority (along, of course, with health and having time to L-I-V-E.)

If you see an item in our shop that’s sold by a different vendor, it will be clearly marked as “Partner Product” or “Affiliate Item.”

If you’d like to know more about our store terms or policies, you can read more on our terms and conditions page under “Shop Terms and Conditions.”

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