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About Pacific Northwest and Beyond

Here's a bit of history, and what we're about.

Pacific Northwest and Beyond? The name implies that it’s a blog about the Pacific Northwest and venturing beyond as well. And that was (and is still) the intention.

But life takes its unexpected turns.

I left my career as an Occupational Therapist a few years back for family reasons primarily but also was in the happy situation that it seemed I also had the ability to make some space and money for travel — something that I regretted not having done more of in my earlier years. And I did travel — not all the time (though I have loved it so much that the idea appeals to me) and I wanted to combine my passions for WordPress and writing in the form of a travel blog.

As home is, and always will be, the Pacific Northwest — an area that I know and love — I decided to include both content about the PNW and about places outside of it, as well as posts about outdoor activities, gear (as I’m somewhat of a gearhead), places I remember in Seattle, and a local events calendar as well as local routes.

Of course, after I started this blog, life happened, both good and bad, as it always does. These happenings forced me to frequently take breaks from writing this blog. The happenings came in the form of a shoulder injury, of an elderly and irascible relative unexpectedly returning into my life, and then, of course, the pandemic.

I’ve been fortunate to be OK so far during this pandemic. But I’ve been taking isolating very seriously and “boldly going nowhere,” except some very local trails and on some bike rides.

But taking some time out has let me examine what I want to do. I intend to keep this website going, to keep writing posts, as I feel inspired, and occasionally publishing a guest post that comes this way. I’m going to keep the events calendar going and keep publishing events from community organizers, and some that I find, but I may not do it with the gusto I did previously, as I realize that I need to make sure I have that outdoor walking/cycling/hiking time for maximum happiness. I still have some travel posts yet to write, but my emphasis here in the future is likely to be much more on local areas and local walks, hikes, rides, and routes. I’ve been thinking more about the environmental effects of travel during this downtime and am wrestling with my love of travel vs. the environmental impacts of my choices.

Downtime has also given me time to get crafty. I started working on projects both household and personal and I’ve taken to making some things. For fun, and as a way to support my blogging projects, I’ve added a small shop here and am planning to open one on Etsy and see what happens.

During January and February 2021, I’m working on improving routes and a few pages on this website and consolidating some other projects I’ve worked on so I can blog happy after that. And, hopefully, get back to being able to camp and kayak this Summer!

I welcome community contributions of local events, routes, and (some) posts.

Thanks for visiting!

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