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This post or page may contain affiliate links.  That means if you click on a link that is an affiliate link, and then make a subsequent purchase, I get a small commission, at no additional cost to you, which helps me support this website.

I have some content for you. Do you accept guest posts on your site?

For more information about submitting content here visit the Write for Us page.

I am very open to guest posts related to travel, the PNW, gear, recipes with some sort of travel or PNW connection, etc.

I cannot currently pay for content. You will have author status on your post with a link to your website in the author credits on the post and, if you want, be listed as an author on our site.

I have questions about an event on your calendar

We are not the organizers for events on our calendar, so we can’t tell you, for instance, how to hire one of the holiday carriage drivers. However, we attempt to include information here about the organizers of an event so you can get in touch with them, if you’d like.

If you find a recurring event on our calendar that is no longer occurring or an error in the listing information, please do let us know.

Can I use a photo from your website?

For more information about terms and conditions for using photography from this website click here.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

I am willing to consider sponsored posts. I want to keep a healthy ratio of non-sponsored to sponsored content and have some limitations on what types of content I will consider accepting.

If you’re interested in sponsored posts on Pacific Northwest and Beyond you can read more here.

We want to help you...increase your page speed, improve your content, promote your blog...etc.

Thank you for your concern. However, I’m likely aware of, and working on any issues you might be able to point out to me and when it comes time for me to consider hiring a developer, I’ll find my own and not someone who contacted me randomly on the Internet.

. I’m aware that cold calling/emailing must be done, though, to find clients, but I’d advise you to word your letters in a way that doesn’t imply to your prospective client “your content sucks.” Telling your prospective clients that one of the problems with their site is “poor quality content” and that you can do them one better by providing quality content for them — and doing this in poor English — is not the way to gain a client.

Right now, I’m happy working on my own site, writing my own content, of whatever quality, and am not interested in hiring you. Sorry.

How do I put an event on your event calendar?

Please do not email us with events for our event calendar. If you’d like to add your Pacific Northwest event to our calendar, click here and use the form.

That way, the event goes into our queue. I try to check at least a few times a week for new events and get them into the system.

Why do you include advertising/affiliate links, etc. on this website?

Believe me, I started Pacific Northwest and Beyond not as a moneymaking scheme, but because I love to write, photograph, travel and have a strong blogging impulse. However running a site like this takes time and money. I want to continue to be able to do this and it’s easier to justify my blogging activities if this website is self-supporting, and even more if I’m making an income at it.

So, in 2019 I started including Google Adsense on this site. I’ve been a member of affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliates since I started as I knew that the kind of blog I wanted to build would require some funds.

I may also include sponsored posts on this website from time to time. So far, I haven’t (apart from one post about Pyramid Brewing for free beer because they’re a local company that I like) because the advertisers’ product, terms, or compensation were not right. If I do, however, I will identify said post as sponsored.

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