Addendum to this post: Since I wrote this, a few tech issues with the events calendar were solved and I’ve had some time to consider. For now, I plan to keep the calendar on this website and see what happens. I plan to start, perhaps, adding some more online events. I still may need to remove the calendar from this website if event limitations stretch to the point where my web hosting needs to be renewed for another year. So, I’ll wait and see. In the meantime, I plan to go ahead with removing recipes off of this blog, as well as posts about miscellaneous stuff. Pacific Northwest and Beyond will never be totally “niche” — I plan to keep writing about everything from language study to camping to travel to old Seattle. But the emphasis on going places, taking photos of them, etc. fit.

Hello readers!

I hope this time finds you safe and well. Staying at home is frustrating for most of us in one way or another. I’m finding myself moving less, eating more, and miss being out exploring the world.

One might imagine that staying home would lend itself to more time for blogging. But uncertainty can be paralyzing and I’ve found myself coping by consuming less social media, watching the news a couple times a day instead of incessantly, and indulging in good fantasy novels. On nice days, I’ve put my Eno Nomad hammock stand to good use and am thankful that I have a bit of outdoor space to enjoy (hmmm…maybe a review of the Eno stand is in order.)

But blogging calls again. Let’s just say that this is not a great time for a travel and events blog. I had already spend a LOT of time at home after the holidays reconfiguring the events calendar on this website, adding AMP support and problem solving and not realizing, at the time, the huge impact COVID would have. This time has made me “get real” about some things.

I’ve decided to let some goals (and equipment) go — and with it brings a sense of loss. But also hope, because letting go of some things can clear the way for the new.

I’ve been going back and forth on how “niche” to make Pacific Northwest and Beyond, and I’ve decided to take a small, incremental approach, starting with food posts, which I never really thought belonged here. I plan to, gradually, relocate them to The Non-Foodie, specificially a food and recipe blog.

But what to do about events. Events will return, someday. And I’m reluctant to let the events calendar go as it’s a large part of this website and has brought a lot of traffic here — and it keeps me up on local events, to boot! But it takes a LOT of time to run. And a surprising amount of extra money. And energy that I could be devoting to doing better what draws me to blogging in the first place: writing and doing photos.

I have the tendency to jump into taking something down and regretting later, so for now I’m keeping it up, but I’m not going to be adding new events at the same pace as before. If there’s good news on the COVID front, maybe I’ll continue. However, I expect that physical distancing, in some form, will persist until we get a vaccine.

So, for now, I’m devoting myself to getting back to blogging — but focusing each day on what I want to do that day.

Stay healthy!